Company Grade Officers Caucus

Special Committee of NGA-FL


Provide formal and informal officer development events focused on sharing best business practices (BBP) and leadership lessons learned (L3) aimed at strengthening Company Grade Officer knowledge, skills and abilities while enhancing officer esprit de corps.

Why should I join?

  • To promulgate and support legislation in furtherance of the best interests of the Florida National Guard (be in the know about legislative issues that affects your personal and mission future)
  • Exclusive Office Professional Development funding and opportunities at state and national Association conferences and at the National Guard Bureau
  • Participate in off duty town-hall meetings/open discussion meetings with senior leaders throughout are state (voice your concerns)
  • Become better acquainted with all officers of the Florida National Guard (build joint networks)
  • To promotion of esprit de corps in the Florida National Guard


  • Membership in the National Guard Association of Florida includes your membership in the National Guard Association of the United States.
  • Free membership for newly commissioned Florida Guard officers and newly transferred officers.
  • Dues received in January of each calendar year.’

Army Vice Chairman – Captain Roye Locklear Jr, 50th Regional Support Group


Air Vice Chairman – Captain Natalie Wardwell, 114 Range Operations

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Company Grade Dinner with the MG Michael Calhoun.

TAG hosts dinner for new company commanders