1. The National Guard Association of Florida (NGOA-FL) and the Enlisted National Guard Association of Florida (ENGAF) have established a scholarship program to assist members of the Florida National Guard in pursuing advanced educational and academic opportunities.


The scholarship program is open to outstanding enlisted, officer and warrant officers, who are members of the Florida National Guard and members of their respective association (NGOA-FL or ENGAF), their spouses, sons and daughters. Priority may be given to Guard members. These scholarships are for one year, to attend an accredited college, university, or vocational technical school.  A joint NGOA-FL and ENGAF scholarship committee administers the program. Scholarship recipients may be given the award no more than two times; however, the individual must compete for the renewal of the scholarship on the same basis as a first-time applicant.

Eligibility: Scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

a. Academics:

i. Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of the institution of his or her choice.

ii. Applicant must demonstrate average or above average academic achievement, as evidenced by previous grades, test scores, etc.

b. Citizenship: Applicants must show evidence of civic and moral leadership and character including truthfulness, courage, and devotion to the community and to the country.

c. Need: A: need for financial assistance in order to continue education will be considered only in cases involving students with similar outstanding academic and personal qualifications.

Application procedures: Application forms are mailed or emailed to each unit in October or forms may be obtained through this Link Scholarship-Application-2020

or by writing:

Scholarship Committee
Post Office Box 3446,
St. Augustine, Florida 32085-3446

All applications will be accompanied by:

a. The scholarship application form.

b. Copies of high school and/or college transcripts or standardized test scores, if appropriate.

c. A brief statement with specific facts as to desire to continue education and anticipated occupation of profession.

d. Three letters of recommendation verifying this application and giving personal character references. If applicant is a member of the Florida National Guard, a letter of recommendation from their unit commander is also required.


The NGOA-FL and ENGAF Scholarship Committee
Post Office Box 3446
St. Augustine , Florida 32085-3446

After applications are received at the NGOA-FL office, each application is examined for all required documentation and verification of association membership. After the deadline has closed, a joint NGOA-FL and ENGAF scholarship committee reviews applications. The applications are graded on the basis of average or above average academics, citizenship, need and potential. After the committee has processed the applications the names of the recipient are submitted to the Presidents of NGOA-FL and ENGAF for final approval. Recipients and non-recipients will be notified and checks will be sent to the scholarship winners by August.  Scholarship-Application-2020


 COL Terry Hashey , President
National Guard Officers Association of Florida

SFC Rachael Rosenberg, President
Enlisted National Guard Association of Florida

EANGUS  has a Scholarship as well. Apply here https://eangus.org/we-care-for-america/scholarship-information/

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