National Guard Officers Association of Florida (NGOA-FL):

The NGOA is not a Military Organization, but an organization of military personnel. It is an organization that fosters and supports the role of the National Guard in Florida and the National Guard Association of the United States in providing for and assuring the military security of our nation.

NGOA-FL was formed in 1903 to further the National Guard in the State of Florida and to provide a strong, united voice in which the needs of guardsmen and women can be heard on the State level in legislative affairs. NGOA-FL is your professional officer association which supports the newly commissioned officer, the seasoned officer and the retired officer through legislative efforts and initiatives from the field.

NGOA-FL represents our vested interests at state and national levels. Both current and future needs require a strong association with an effective voice. Your support and membership count in ensuring our collective voice remains strong and obtains the desired results.

The National Guard Association of Florida exists for you; the men and women of the Florida National Guard. Our goal as an Association is to strengthen the National Guard through improved personnel benefits, better equipment, modern facilities and increased relevance.

We absolutely need your continued membership so our state and federal legislators will hear our voice. Our record of achievements is growing by the day! We have significantly strengthened our relationship with the Enlisted National Guard Association of Florida; initiated an awards program; significantly increased our membership; developed a financial strategy; and improved our communications.

We have done this with a solid “education” program, clearly defining strategy and initiatives that improve our life and performance as members of the finest organization in the world today.

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